Donnerstag, 16. Mai 2013

Where we are -Tour

Okay, I don't know if any of you heard of this, but one week ago the management of One Direction started this side with a countdown on it. It should end this midday. (

All of the boys posted on their twitters how excited they are, that it is a "really big thing", and a few hours ago was this press conference.

So apparently it is a new world tour...

It's not that I'm not happy for them for archiving this much in such a little time, but this would be the third tour in three years and also the third album. They are still young (the oldest one is only 21), if they go on like this, it will provably be way to much for them. There were other bands under so much pressure before them and least one in every of these couldn't stand it anymore.
I just don't think, this will be good for these boys.

Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Out in the town

Last friday was really cool. I was out with four friends. First we went shopping, then starbucks and at the end to the cinema and watched a movie named Mama. it was pretty cool but also extremely creepy

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Quote #2

It's a great and terrible and short and endless thing. None of us comes out of it alive.
-Cecelia Ahern

Cecelia Ahern wrote so many touching books in such a young age. She wrote a lot of my favourite ones (and if you never read one you should go to the next bookstore and do yourself a favor) and in every new book there are so many new aspects of life and she manages to make me cry at the end- often also in the middle and the beginning.
This quote sums up perfectly, what her books and absolutely everything are about, that's why I named my blog after it.